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Music and entertainment go hand in hand. There is no successful party without music blaring out through the loudspeakers and there is no enjoyment or dancing unless there is music. And if you have a jukebox, there is nothing better. You can play the songs of your selection throughout a party and your guests can choose the songs of their liking and enjoy themselves too. A jukebox is a “partially automated music device which plays selected songs from a self contained media”. Most are coin operated and have buttons with numbers and letters printed on them which when pressed in combination play a specific selection.

The First Jukebox

Jukeboxes have been around for years. The first form of the jukebox or the nickel-in-the-slot phonograph was introduced back in 1890. They then developed a lot before becoming what they are now. The now popular term ‘jukebox’ was derived from the term ‘joog’ which meant rowdy, wicked or disorderly. The whole idea of a party with enjoyable music brought in the feeling of not having to be well mannered. This is why the music box was named ‘juke’ box.

There was a time when jukeboxes were extremely popular. They were found in all sorts of places like bars, restaurants, diners, military barracks, video arcades and even in laundry shops. But nowadays jukeboxes are found predominantly in bars where people who still love the jukebox for its charm can select the songs they love and dance to them. With modern technology and the arrival of personal digital audio players, jukeboxes have become a thing of the past. People prefer to play music from iPods and iPads and have somewhat forgotten about the wonderful magic of the jukebox.

Over time the jukebox has changed dramatically. The latest jukeboxes come with touch screens and a wider selection of songs. These jukeboxes do not look like the traditional jukeboxes. The songs are listed on a TV screen and the patron can select the song that he or she would like to hear by just touching the screen. With parties and celebrations popping up all over the place, forms of entertainment are becoming wider. With music being an unavoidable part of any party, there are many companies that offer jukebox hire.

Though jukeboxes are a rare sight they are still alive and cherished. They are found in bars or are hired for special parties. High quality modern full sized commercial jukeboxes are available for all sorts of occasions. Whether it is a wedding party, house party, office party or corporate party jukeboxes can be hired. Jukeboxes are not just great ways of entertaining guests, but they are also great visual showpieces. Many prefer to opt for jukebox hire instead of a DJ. This is because not only is it often cheaper but many guests prefer to choose songs themselves rather than listen to what a DJ thinks they will like.

Enjoy a Jukebox Party

By placing a jukebox near to the dance floor you can be sure to keep your guests engaged at all times. The old world charm of the traditional jukebox makes it the focal point of the party. Since the guests get to choose the songs that they would like to listen to, unlike having a DJ, you can be sure that they will enjoy the party to the full. You can watch them enjoy themselves to the music of their choice and be assured of a successful party.

The companies that offer jukebox hire provide professional services and can help you choose the right kind of jukebox for your party. The factors which decide the kind of jukebox that you want for your party are the look and whether you want a CD, Video or Digital jukebox. The look of the jukebox is very important as it is going to be the centre of attention for all the guests.

You can choose between a modern silver coloured jukebox and a traditional jukebox made from MDF and plastic (the Wurlitzer jukebox). The silver coloured jukebox is quite modern with the touch screen and large memory space whereas the traditional version is sure to be a popular party item. There are other types of jukebox hire available too, many coming in the traditional style and colour. The traditional ones have buttons and they need to be selected in combination for playing the music of your selection whereas the video jukeboxes are provided with plasma screens on stands. In this version the guest can select the song on the screen and stand back and enjoy it while the screen shows the pictures of the couple who are getting married, or shows the pictures of the birthday girl or boy.

Storing up to 25,000 Songs!

Jukebox hire companies will offer to fill the jukebox with songs of the customer’s choosing. If the customer does not have any specifications then the companies often offer to put in music which ranges from the 60s to the latest hits. These jukeboxes come with large storage spaces and modern versions can store up to 25,000 songs. It is suggested that the number of songs on the playlist be kept to 150 or less though so that guests do not spend hours trying to select a song. Having such a long playlist will confuse the guests. Keeping the playlist limited is one of the secrets of a good party.

Many jukebox hire companies also offer lighting packages which complement your party and venue. They have themed lighting like Halloween party lights, outdoor party lighting etc. They also offer sound systems like microphones, loudspeakers and woofers to make your party interesting.

Jukebox hire costs much less than hiring a DJ and you have control over what kind of music is played. You can even control the volume so that your neighbours do not complain the next day about your party. The best thing about a jukebox is that it takes up less space but can convert its surroundings into a dance floor. As your guests choose the music they like, they will start dancing to the song right there and you can see more and more people joining in and enjoying the party. You can convert any space into a dance floor, be it your garden or your living room or a pub. Make the party fun and colourful with a jukebox hire! You won’t regret your decision!

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