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Digital Jukebox Hire

Digital jukebox hire is fast becoming popular throughout the country as it gives an unparalleled choice in music. The great thing about this choice of hire is that not only does it give you in excess of 30,000 tunes per jukebox; it also delivers you music if a higher quality thanks to the digital format. Digital jukebox hire is both cheap, affordable and most of all, its user friendly.

These days jukebox hire is practically essential for many bars and establishments and hiring a jukebox is a great way to ensure your customers stay longer and enjoy the time they spend in your establishment. Hiring a digital jukebox lets you take advantage of the best jukebox technology available; giving your customers almost every song they could ever want. With digital jukebox hire you're almost guaranteed to see a boost in profits.

However it's not just bars and clubs that can take advantage of digital jukebox hire, many individuals hosting private events see digital jukebox hire as a great opportunity to get fantastic music at their private event, without the added expense of needing to pay for a DJ. The fact is that it's a great way to bring thousands of hours of music to your party, ensuring that there's something to listen to for everyone.

Many digital jukeboxes for private hire come with what's known as a free play mode meaning that you can play unlimited songs on the jukebox. Some digital jukeboxes may also come with the ability to sing Karaoke, giving you the chance to have a great deal of fun. With thousands of songs to choose from, all you need to do is to book the rental and wait for it to arrive. Everything is managed and taken care of on your behalf meaning all you need to do is to pay for the rental.

For bars and restaurants, digital jukebox hire is usually billed on a monthly basis and rental rates depend on the jukebox. Depending on the company you hire from, you may be able to benefit from weekly rates from as little as 40 per week. However this fee does not include additional licensing requirements and there is usually a minimum contract period of around one year.

When it comes to hiring for a private event things do work out more expensive, as daily rates work out to be around 200 for 24 hours. This may seem expensive when compared to commercial leasing, but this usually includes delivery, pick-up and installation. It's a fully inclusive price and during the hire period you get a 'free-play' jukebox with whatever songs you want.

Ultimately, whatever your reasons for digital jukebox hire it's affordable and feature-packed. With a digital jukebox, you can increase your profits substantially if you're in the entertainment business, or alternatively if you're merely looking for a way to cut down on costs at your private celebration, a digital jukebox is the perfect way to make sure there's something for everyone at your event.

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